Humble Bee Honey
Contact: Erica Mitchell
Address: 35244 Highway 58 Pleasant Hill, OR, 97455
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Phone: 541-359-5133
About Us
We are a family of beekeepers. We have 1000 hives in 30 different honey locations in the southern Willamette valley. All of our honey is produced away from commercial agriculture and the use of pesticides. Our colonies are managed organically without the use of synthetic miticides. The honey we produce is always raw and unfiltered. Our main honey is wildflower but predominantly blackberry. The pollen we collect is harvested daily from the middle of April until the first of June. It is then frozen, dried and cleaned. The pollen is dried below 6 % so refrigeration is not necessary.
We use integrated pest management. Our hives are organically treated without the use of synthetic miticides. The welfare of the bees is always our first priority.