White Oak Farms
Address: 879 NE South Nebergall Loop Albany, OR, 97321
Email Address:
Phone: 541-602-4676
About Us
White Oak Farm is located on 10 acres on Nebergall Loop in North Albany, Oregon and in its 3rd year of production. We grow Brussels sprouts and dry beans, selling them at farmers markets and Fill-Your-Pantry events in October-December. We also sell Brussels sprouts through First Alternative Coop in Corvallis from October through March. We have a pumpkin stand on the farm in September and October. WOF farmer Alex Stone was a certified organic vegetable farmer in Massachusetts from 1987-1993 before moving first to Ohio (and then Wisconsin), finally landing in Oregon in 2000. She is happy to be growing food again!
White Oak Farm uses organic practices to grow its crops. We manage our soil and landscape to improve soil health and support wildlife. Our land has been in transition for the last three years. We intend to become certified organic in 2020.