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Contact: Erica Trappe
Address: 83036 Weiss Rd Creswell, OR, 97426
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Phone: 541-895-2951
About Us
We grow our produce at Sweetwater Farm, located west of Creswell in the foothills of the Coast Range. The farm was founded in 1979 and while we are not certified organic, it has been managed without the use of synthetic/chemical sprays or fertilizers ever since. The health of ourselves, our customers, our soil, and all the creatures that live around us is important to us. We produce a wide variety of unique heirloom and specialty crops, and our many greenhouses allow us to extend the season and grow some unique vegetables from around the world. We employ practices such as crop rotations, cover crops, and planting beneficial insect attractants in order to care for the ecosystem of the farm. Our soil is tested regularly and amended as needed for optimal plant health and nutritional density, and our fertilizers are sourced from the organic lists of SureCrop (Junction City) and Down to Earth (Eugene), plus a few specialty items from
Our farm has been managed without synthetic/chemical sprays or fertilizers since 1979. We use organic soil amendments, crop rotations, cover crops, and beneficial insect attractants to enhance the ecosystem of the farm. Our soil is tested regularly to ensure the nutrients and minerals necessary for healthy plants and nutritional density. No certifications.